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[Infographic] Guide to a perfect kitchen

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Knowing how to cook should be something everyone learns early on in life. In today’s world there is too much access to convenience and processed food is everywhere. However, if you have never been taught to cook, it might seem overwhelming. There are so many terms, ingredients and equipment that you might need to get started.

The satisfaction you will get from creating your own meal with REAL food is well worth the time and energy required to learn how to cook. The enjoyment is even greater when you get to share your new found skill with friends and family. Creating a delicious meal that others truly enjoy is a wonderful feeling.

Don’t worry, our friends at KTCHNdad put together a comprehensive kitchen reference guide to help you get started.

It covers most of the basics such as:

By cooking your own meals you are more in control of what goes in to your body. Small things can make a huge difference, for example; switching normal cooking oil with extra virgin olive oil drastically reduces the amount of saturated fat in your diet. Fresh vegetables have more nutrients than canned/ frozen food and opting for sea salt instead of table salt reduces your sodium intake by almost half. So why is this important? Saturated fat is the main cause of obesity and heart disease in the world. A lack of nutrients in the body lowers the immune system and makes your body powerless against viruses and bacteria and sodium increases your blood pressure which leads to a wide range of fatal and non-fatal illnesses. So in a nutshell, home cooking is the best and healthiest way to go.

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Louise Pyper[Infographic] Guide to a perfect kitchen

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