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5 Most common types of cancer

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The number of people diagnosed with cancer is growing each year. Not just the elderly but also cancer in small children, young adults and middle aged individuals.

This is why we all need to start looking after ourselves and NEVER think that you are immune to cancer! Individuals with a family history of cancer is at a higher risk than those who don’t. That does not mean you can’t get it. Men are most commonly effected by cancer in the lungs, stomach, liver, colorectal, esophagus and the prostate. Women are commonly effected by cancer in the breast, lungs, stomach, colorectal and the cervix. It is wise to go for yearly check ups with your doctor and never dismiss symptoms of any sort. Listed below you will see a list of the most common types of cancer, their signs and symptoms as well as the tests your doctor might send you for.

5 Most common types of cancer

There are no known ways of completely preventing or curing cancer but living a healthy lifestyle will definitely decrease your chances of getting cancer. Getting enough exercise is very important, it improves bowel function, blood circulation and overall well being. Eating enough fruit and vegetables is a necessity in building your body’s immune system.

By using an Ozone sauna you will also be able to strengthen your body from harmful diseases. Ozone therapy has helped numerous cancer patients on their road to recovery, as the oxygen helps purify the blood, increase white cell production, combats cancer cells and improves general health. If, how ever, you have gone for chemotherapy you can also turn to ozone therapy to combat the side effects of Chemo or Radiation shortening your healing process. Using a ozone sauna when you have not been diagnosed with cancer is also a good idea, as it strengthens your body and might even prevent cancer cells form growing.

What type of cancer may you be likely to get?

5 Most common types of cancer

Louise Pyper5 Most common types of cancer

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