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[Testimonial] How Ozone Detoxes the Body

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A few weeks ago we posted our FREE 1 Page Detox Colour Chart on our Facebook Page. Since then, we have been receiving interesting feedback regarding Ozone and detox.

Ozone helps the body to get rid of impurities, viruses and bacteria. Sometimes after an ozone therapy session your body will leave behind a light residue on the towel that can point to certain diseases or materials present in your body. Below is feedback we got from one of our clients located in France.

“Dear Salvagente,

I am enjoying my sauna immensely and had an interesting few cleanses recently; see attached image. I decided to include a new metal detoxer to my diet – Fulvic Acid. I also started to take chlorella, bentonite clay and charcoal. The bentonite and charcoal are in a colon cleanse. The towel had been pretty clean the last few weeks so you can imagine my surprise with this result when I included the Fulvic Acid! It may well be the combo as I only started using the colon cleanse more regularly recently. See attached.

Interesting stuff and worth exploring further I think. I will certainly be continuing with the above.

Best wishes


Ozone Sauna Detox Colour on Towel


Find out what each colour means by downloading our FREE 1 Page Detox Colour Chart.

Blue Download

Editor[Testimonial] How Ozone Detoxes the Body

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