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Medical Ozone – Miracle Cure?

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Medical Ozone, words commonly misunderstood or misinterpreted. When this phrase is spoken, the ozone layer is mostly the first thing that comes to mind, although it is far from the truth.

 Our atmosphere consists of various elements, such as carbon dioxide, a small percentage of oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen. Some of these are harmful and dangerous.

 Let’s go back to the basics. Ozone is formed when a high electric charge splits a normal oxygen molecule (O2), where each of those two atoms then attach to another oxygen molecule to form a new trivalent molecule (O3) which is called ozone. Now if you use normal air to do this, the risk exists that the dangerous elements in the air are also present, whether ozone is absorbed, inhaled etc. Medical ozone on the other hand is formed when pure oxygen is used to create ozone. When only oxygen is present to form ozone, medical benefits starts to appear. Thousands of documented literature exists where ozone is described in detail. We won’t go into Scientifics, as the purpose of this article is to explore if ozone is the miracle gift of the gods that has long been awaited, or merely a facet of a bigger picture.

 Some might proclaim the apocalypse will be averted now that ozone has arrived, others will condemn it for misleading the world and being dangerous. The fact is that neither is true. As all things in health, there is no secret one pill to cure all disease, no doctor who can heal the world simultaneously. Our health was entrusted to us, and we are the only ones that can take care of it. Ozone is an age old means to an end. We might have refined it in the last couple of hundred years, but nature used it for centuries to keep people healthy. Ozone is only enriched oxygen, and sure enough, oxygen is what our bodies needs most. Who wants to tell Mother Nature how to do her job?

 So the human copied from nature, imitation is the greatest compliment. As it stands our bodies needs sufficient oxygen to function properly. Yes we lack sufficient oxygen in our polluted concrete jungles. So what now? How do we supplement what we short? Go to the Karoo every weekend for a breather? There are easier and more cost effective ways of living the healthy life nature intended.

 Smart minds went and made ozone products. Yes products that can provide us with the oxygen we lack. We can breathe more oxygen in, drink water which is enriched with oxygen, and take baths where our bodies can absorb the oxygen. Ozone, and in specifically medical ozone, is not a miracle cure for all diseases, it is simply a method where we can assist the body to do its own job. But without it, the scenario changes to a picture where cancer cells thrive, bacteria and viruses attacks the malfunctioning and weak body, and where we ultimately pay the price.

 If you take the decision to be healthy, see your children get old and be in the physical and mental condition to enjoy it, then we suggest researching ozone for yourself, and when you’re completely satisfied, contact SALVAGENTE Wellness Clinic. They will provide you with ozone products for every need. Whether you want to increase your oxygen levels by simply drinking enriched oxygen water instead of polluted municipal water (at the same price might I add), breathing in cleaner air, or ultimately boost your oxygen levels through ozone absorption, they will have the product that’s right for you.

 SALVAGENTE offers ozone water purifiers, ozone air purifiers, ozone foot spas and ozone health capsules for professional and home use.

AdminMedical Ozone – Miracle Cure?

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