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[Recipe] Healthy Lunchbox Idea #6

How about having breakfast for lunch? We all love a good breakfast, so why can’t we have it twice. This delicious lunchbox idea is a great idea for young and old. This lunchbox contains: Hardboiled egg Pancakes Strawberries Orange/ nectarine wedges Drinking yogurt/ normal yogurt How to make Buttermilk Pancakes: Yields more or less 18;

[Recipe] Delicious Pancakes with Applesauce

This delicious pancake recipe yields about 10 pancakes and contains about 74 calories per pancake. Enjoy this recipe with the whole family. Ingredients: 1 cup Cake flour 1 tsp Baking soda 1/8 tsp Salt 2 tbsp Toasted wheat germ 1 cup Buttermilk, non-fat 1/4 cup Unsweetened applesauce 2 tsp Vegetable oil 1 large Egg, lightly

[Recipe] The best pancakes ever!

The perfect pancakes for breakfast, noon or night! This recipe serves 2. Ingredients:  2  Bananas 4  Eggs 2 tbsp Almond butter 1 tbsp Coconut oil Blueberry jam Instructions: In a mixing bowl, mash the bananas. Add the almond butter and eggs. Stir until fully combined and pour mixture into a pouring jug. Heat the coconut