[Testimonial] Ozone benefits for Diabetes and Stroke

Ozone is able to detox each and every cell in the body. It is important to go for regular treatments as your body needs time to get rid of all the built up toxins. It works similar to a weight loss diet, you can’t eat healthy for one day and think you’re going to drop

[Testimonial] Another happy client

“I’ve been really impressed with the level of service Salvagente has provided to date. Please pass on my thanks and congratulations on to your directors and team. You’ve made me a loyal customer and I will certainly recommend you to others. It’s been refreshing to deal with somebody that actually knows what they are doing.

[Testimonial] Business support

Salvagente is the preferred partner when setting up an ozone clinic in Africa, Europe, UK and US. We offer a range of Business Support Benefits ranging from branding, marketing tips & exposure, as well as advice. ” Thank you very much for the support you have given me to open my own business.” – Kind

[Testimonial] On our service

We try and help our clients as best we can. No question is overlooked and nothing is too big or small. “Thanks so much for all your trouble you went to and your help.”  

[Testimonial] Benefits of Ozone Therapy in Cancer

It is very satisfying to hear how our clients are benefiting from ozone therapy. Hoping to improve many more lives. “I am a weekly user of the Ozone Sauna. I had a Laparascopic prostatectomy in Jan 2013. Started with the Ozone Therapy before the op, and in hindsight should probably just have continued, as the

Testimonial on our service

Many times people think ozone therapy is a miracle cure, and because we work with so many sick clients, we sometimes have to experience the sadness of losing some of those people due to illnesses. At Salvagente we don’t claim to heal any disease with our products, but we do try and in most cases

[Testimonial] Ozonated Olive Oil Ointment

“On the 15th of August I cut my thumb with a piece of glass, I applied Ozonated Olive Oil Ointment immediately and covered the cut with a plaster. I applied the ointment regularly on a daily base, after only 8 days the cut was almost completely gone!! It was amazing seeing how quickly it healed! Ozonated

Testimonial on our service

“Dankie vir die opvolg en goeie diens!”       ***     “Thank you for following up and your good service” Charmaine Gerber from Pretoria It is very important for us to stay in touch with our clients before and after a purchase giving them peace of mind.

Testimonial on our efficiency

We pride ourselves in helping new and old clients with their problems as quickly and efficiently as possible. No problem is too big or too small for us. “Thank you for your efficiency!” Hajra Mahomed from Healing Alternatives Botswana

More Happy Clients [Testimonial]

We pride ourselves on fast, friendly and efficient service, but above all on providing you with value. This is what a customer had to say to us on 2 separate occasions after asking if everything was satisfactory to her needs: “Yes absolutely perfect. Thanks again.” AND “Thanks so much you are a star.” – Mandy