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[Testimonial] Ozone Therapy and Headaches

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Ozone is able to detox each and every cell in the body. It is important to go for regular treatments as your body needs time to get rid of all the built up toxins. Ozone Therapy can help relieve headaches by reducing stress & anxiety, improving blood circulation, neutralize carbon monoxide poisoning and Ozone neutralizes toxins and impurities in the body.

Your feedback is important to use. Please email us your feedback on your experience with Ozone Therapy.

“I had a surgery and sometimes suffer from tension headaches and body aches. I regularly go for ozone therapy sessions. I love it. It helps my body to detox

I googled Ozone Therapy to learn more and to encourage others to use it. I used it many years ago whilst in Limpopo and struggled to find one where we relocated but eventually heard someone at our church who is an Endormologist who wanted to buy it for her practice and encouraged her to do so. I now enjoy going for therapy whenever I feel like. My headache is gone, Thanks to Ozone.

Blessings. Virginia”

To find out more about Ozone Therapy, please feel free to contact us:


[email protected]

+27(0)72 422 1967

Editor[Testimonial] Ozone Therapy and Headaches

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