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[Testimonial] Ozone benefits for Diabetes and Stroke

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Ozone is able to detox each and every cell in the body. It is important to go for regular treatments as your body needs time to get rid of all the built up toxins. It works similar to a weight loss diet, you can’t eat healthy for one day and think you’re going to drop the pounds. You have to keep at it.

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Recovery Wellness Centre is one of our Affiliated Outlets and is located in the heart of Durban. They mainly focus on detoxification of the body and improving all bodily functions.

Here are two happy clients for Recovery Wellness Centre:

“Themba came for health assistance, as he had suffered a stroke. He had difficulty moving his arms due to swelling. His speech was also effected. In the first appointment we checked his blood pressure and his heart rate, which were both very high. We treated him and then we started his health sessions in the Ozone Sauna. On the 5th session his muscles started to respond to the Ozone. He could move his arms with less effort and pain than before. On the 6th session he gained back his speech. He went through additional physical therapy at our centre and finished another 4 Ozone Therapy Sessions. The Ozone also helped improve his blood circulation. Themba is stronger and back at work as a truck driver.”

“Sister Mlambo suffers from diabetes. As we all know people with diabetes have problems with blood circulation, especially in their legs. Ozone Therapy helped eliminate the toxins in her body, which improved her kidney function and helped lower her cholesterol. Her previous skin conditions had also gone. Most importantly, Ozone helped stabilise her sugar levels. She is very happy with her results.”

If you would like to book an Ozone Therapy Session at Recovery Wellness Centre please contact them at: 083 983 1749 or 031 301 0509

If you would like to know more about Ozone Saunas or Ozone Therapy, please feel free to contact us:


012 844 0172 or 072 422 1967

[email protected]

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Editor[Testimonial] Ozone benefits for Diabetes and Stroke

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