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  • [Testimonial] Improvement from Bells Palsy
  • [Testimonial] Improvement from Bells Palsy

[Testimonial] Improvement from Bells Palsy

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Disease sometimes struck unexpectedly, and the healing occurs sometimes from just such unexpected places. Our New Zealand Resellers (O3 Limited) shared one of their client’s testimonials, and this is the first confirmed case from our side where ozone therapy in the ozone steam saunas assisted with Bells Palsy. What’s more, these results was achieved after only 4 sessions!

“When I arrived at O3 wellness salon, I had indescribable amount pain.
I suffered facial paralysis from shingle symptomatic with Ramsay Hunts Syndrome.
Most of the pain medication the doctors administered had unfavourable side effects.

Being diabetic effected my recovery negatively.

I was very apprehensive when I arrived but Veronica had a warm, friendly disposition and I felt okay with everything, even though I was in a bad space.

After the first session I had no pain. I have minor discomfort when wind hits my face but it’s part of my healing which is rapidly increasing.
Significantly I am experiencing additional changes in my well-being, I had to reduce my diabetic medications because I don’t need it as much; my skin feels amazing; my vitality is back; my metabolism increased dramatically; my hair doesn’t fall out as much; my nails are stronger and I am no longer on any pain medication.

My husband, who is very perceptive, has decided on regular visits for both of us.
Being in a new country and sick all the time was hard for me. I have always been a strong empowered woman and consistent illness took that away from me.

Since starting this therapy and meeting, Veronica, I have hope again.

There is no incentive for me to share this, this is just my experience. 
What I went through, I would not wish on anyone.
Before and after pictures are available.
Each day I noticed a difference in the symmetrical areas of my face.

– Alicia

From us at Salvagente we thank Alicia for sharing her story, and wish her a speedy full recovery.

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