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[Infographic] Reformer Pilates Exercises Suitable For Beginners

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Mental health is just as important as physical health, and incorporating a regular fitness routine into your lifestyle is beneficial for both your body and your brain! Mind-body workouts are underestimated as a fantastic way of conditioning both your body and incorporating mindfulness into your practice. Pilates is one of those important mind-body workouts and is great for improving your core strength and creating an evenly conditioned body. As well as improving your overall sports performance, practicing Pilates can also improve your posture, flexibility and even prevent injuries due to increased muscle strength and a key focus on the core muscles.

There are a few different types of Pilates and Reformer Pilates is a practice which goes that step further by using a piece of equipment called the Reformer bed. Using the Reformer bed can really help to accelerate your practice and make it easier or more challenging, depending on what level of fitness you’re currently at.

Below is a useful infographic entitled “Go The Pilates Way – Top 10 Reformer Pilates Exercises For Beginners” which has been put together by the guys over at Runway Pilates. The infographic outlines the top ten exercises you can do to get you started in the world of Reformer Pilates. With a range of beginner exercises to try both on and off the Reformer bed, have some fun with these exercises and take them at your own pace! Which exercises will be your favourite?

Admin[Infographic] Reformer Pilates Exercises Suitable For Beginners

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