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Back pain 101

We have all had our fair share of back pain, being the lower-, middle- or upper back. There are numerous reasons why you might be suffering from back pain. I believe posture is the biggest culprit when it comes to back pain. Most of us have desk jobs and are stationary in one position for

Causes of cancer

These days it is as if everything and anything can cause cancer; from what you eat to what you drink and even the vaccines you got as a baby. How do we truly know we are safe? The problem is we never will. Although we are a lot more advanced than a hundred years ago,

The long term effects of fast food

We all know that fast food is bad for us but still we can’t seem to resist the urge to buy it. And every time we do, we have some type of excuse “I needed a quick fix” “ I was late” “It’s ok, I didn’t upsize my meal”. None of these excuses are valid

Green Tea and lung cancer

Over the past few decades, Westerners have embraced the Eastern Cultures of herbal medicine traditions but most importantly the variety of tea and each of their benefits. Green Tea has won the battle of the teas. Presently Green Tea is freely available in Supermarkets and can even be ordered at your favourite restaurant. Green Tea


Since the 1980’s cases of HIV/AIDS have drastically increased. Africa has the highest amount of HIV/AIDS cases. More than 20% of people in South Africa are suffering from HIV/AIDS. Countries in Northern Africa range between 2-10%. Russia 1-2% and the USA 0,5-1%. Countries like Canada, most areas in South America, Europe and Australia have a

Diabetes around the World

According to Diabetes UK “ Diabetes is a condition where the amount of glucose in your blood is too high because the body cannot use it properly. This is because your pancreas doesn’t produce any insulin, or not enough insulin, to help glucose enter your body’s cells – or the insulin that is produced does not work

[WARNING] Ozone Sauna owners Beware of service and repair jobs!

Here at Salvagente we don’t just sell ozone saunas, we offer complete peace of mind whether you are in need of marketing support for your clinic, questions on specific diseases and even to keep you informed. This article is again a stark warning to any and all owners of ozone steam saunas. It came to

Bipolar disorder – The basic fact sheet

Bipolar disorder is also know as manic-depressive illness. The main symptoms of bipolar disorder is an unusual shift in mood, activity levels, energy levels and the inability to carry out day-to-day tasks. Bipolar is a very destructive illness as it damages relationships, effects your job and school performance and can even lead to suicidal thoughts

[Warning/Waarskuwing] Fraudulent Ozone Sauna Seller – Zagrys Pieterse

This is a public industry warning, and anyone looking to purchase an ozone sauna should read this first. ____________________________________________________________________ [UPDATED JULY 2020] It was brought under our attention that Zagrys Pieterse’s wife, Samantha Pieterse, operating a website from has copied varies elements from the Salvagente website. The copyright infringement is extensive, and legal action

InfoGraphic on Allergies

Whether it’s through dust, pollen or animals, allergies spread far and wide. To eliminate the bacteria causing the allergic reactions you can look into regularly cleaning of surface dust (vacuuming through a water filter or using a damp cloth is better than just wiping the dust around and into the air with a dry cloth),