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[Recipe] 7 Quick & Heart Healthy Salad Dressings

Below are a few different types of heart healthy salad dressing recipes. A serving of salad dressing should be no more than 2 tablespoons! All these recipes can be stores in the fridge for up to 1 week. Oil & Vinegar Dressing – makes 6 servings Ingredients: 8 tbsp Canola oil 4 tbsp Vinegar Method:

[Recipe] Bacon, mushroom and cheese pasta

We all love a good pasta, especially when combined with bacon, mushroom and cheese. This delightful recipe serves 8 and contains only 180 calories per serving. Ingredients: 170g Whole wheat pasta 3 slices Turkey bacon 2 tsp Extra virgin olive oil 1 Small onion, diced 2 tsp Garlic, minced 2 cups Mushrooms, sliced 2 tbsp

Some deaths are preventable

We grew up in a world where illness causes death and there was pretty much nothing you can do about it. Today, that mentality is a thing of the past. According to the World Health Organization, about one-third of all deaths in the world daily, are preventable. Over the years our technology has improved rapidly

Nursing your sweet tooth

I cannot imagine a world without sugar. There is nothing better than a sweet dessert after a meal or an ice cream cone in the heat of summer. According to Wikipedia, sugar is the generalized name for sweet, short-chain, soluble carbohydrates, many of which are used in food. They are carbohydrates, composed of carbon, hydrogen,

How did you sleep last night?

Getting enough sleep is vital to your health. No matter how young or old you are there is no excuse to skimp on sleep. In this generation it is very difficult to get enough sleep. Due to growing populations there are more cars on the road. In the last few years our driving time has