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The benefits of Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy (the correct term is triatomic Oxygen, but for simplicity we will call it Ozone) is a revolutionary medical treatment producing far reaching results in human health care and is being practiced all over the world today. Over 20 nations recognise Ozone Therapy. Ozone therapy is the most powerful cleansing modality. Ozone is so

Walking your way to better health

Walking is the number one way of getting somewhere. To most toddlers learning how to walk it’s the best thing they will ever accomplish. Gone are the dreaded skid marks and sore hands from crawling, hello two feet! As adults we take the fact of being able to walk and run for granted. We hate

[Recipe] Rustic Berry Tart

This recipe might sound a bit complicated, but it truly isn’t! Preparation time is about 3 hours and this tart serves 12. Ingredients: For the crust: 3/4 cup Whole-wheat pastry flour 3/4 cup All-purpose flour 2 tbsp Sugar, plus 1 tsp for sprinkling 1/4 tsp Salt 4 tbsp Cold butter 1 tbsp Canola oil 1/4

The amazing uses of Green Tea

Green tea originated in the Southwest area of China about 3000 years ago. In those days green tea were either chewed or eaten, but over time they discovered that they can flavour the water they drink. In the 8th century they started steaming the leaves to inhibit oxidation and by the 12th century they started

Just add berries

Of all types of fruit, berries are just my ultimate favourite. They work great for jams, sauces, desserts and raw. We all know berries as small, bright and colourful fruits that are high in antioxidants, juicy and sweet. Berries are filled with goodness, not only to benefit your taste buds but also your health. Berries

Your brain on Beer VS Coffee

Never thought I’d right a blog about Beer vs Coffee, but here we are. Both beer and coffee have been around for hundreds of years and are both loved by millions of people. Both beer and coffee can benefit or decrease your health: Health benefits of beer – Strengthens bones; due to high silicon levels

[Recipe] Strawberry & Beet Smoothie

Going pink for an extra kick! This recipe serves 2. Ingredients 4 Beets, cooked and peeled 2 cups Coconut water, unsweetened 2 cups Strawberries, frozen 1 lime, juiced Method: Add beets, coconut water, strawberries and lime juice to a blender and blend until smooth. Serve and enjoy! Source: Best Health Magazine .ca

Seven super foods for your health

Some days it feels like you need an encyclopedia to figure out what you should and should not eat. So, for today’s chapter in our new found encyclopedia I will discuss ‘Super food’. What exactly is super food? Well, super food is just an awesome name for a group of fruits, veg, nuts, beans and

[Recipe] Boost your energy Granola

Having enough fiber in your diet is very important.  Granola has numerous health benefits and can be enjoyed as a cereal, light snack or as bars. Each serving contains 196 calories, 4.1g Protein, 32.5g Carbohydrates, 0.0mg Cholesterol, 3.5g Fiber, 1.5mg Iron, 5mg Sodium and 38mg Calcium. Ingredients: 2 cups Original oats 1/3 cup Flaxseed, ground

The plant of life – various uses for coconut

The origin of coconut is disputable as coconut fossils have been found in South America, Malaysia and India. Some of these fossils date back to about 55 million years ago. A coconut tree is part of the “palm tree” family and is mostly found in tropical areas around the world. When a coconut is still