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Seven super foods for your health

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Some days it feels like you need an encyclopedia to figure out what you should and should not eat. So, for today’s chapter in our new found encyclopedia I will discuss ‘Super food’.

What exactly is super food? Well, super food is just an awesome name for a group of fruits, veg, nuts, beans and spices which has more nutrients than the rest. So if you have a limited budget, rather focus on eating super food than buying a variety of lower-nutrient foods.

Here are a list of a few so called super food and their nutrients:

  • Black soybeans – High in protein and antioxidants
  • Turmeric – High in antioxidants and can be used as an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent
  • Coconut oil – Fights off viruses and bacteria. It also improves your thyroid function, aid digestion, lower cholesterol and helps you keep a balanced weight.
  • Chia seeds – Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber.
  • Cocoa – aka Dark Chocolate is just excellent! It is packed full of endorphins and seratonin which are two chemicals responsible for making us happy. Cocoa also helps fight diabetes, strokes, heart disease and may lower your blood pressure.
  • Lingonberries – These berries have 30% more antioxidants than any other berry. These small berries are natures own antibiotic which can fight bad cholesterol, heart disease and stroke.
  • Eggs – this includes the yolk. Eggs contain high levels of calcium, magnesium, protein and vitamins A, D, E, B6 and B12. Eggs can help improve your eye sight and fight symptoms of fatigue.
  • Beet juice – contains high levels of antioxidants and iron, fighting cancer, anemia and improving blood flow
  • Mustard greens – are the leaves of mustard seeds. These green leaves are high in vitamin K and may improve blood flow, bone strength and cholesterol. The Greek island of Icaria’s staple food is these leaves. On the island 1 in 3 people live to the age of 90.
  • Sweet potato – Is high in vitamin A, C and has 150% more antioxidants than blueberries. Sweet potato will help fight signs of cold and flu.
  • Red wine – is rich in polyphenols which is a type of antioxidant. It is proven that red wine can prevent blood clots, inhibit the growth of cancers of the breast, liver, prostate, stomach and lymph.

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Seven super foods for your health

Louise PyperSeven super foods for your health

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