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The plant of life – various uses for coconut

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The origin of coconut is disputable as coconut fossils have been found in South America, Malaysia and India. Some of these fossils date back to about 55 million years ago.

A coconut tree is part of the “palm tree” family and is mostly found in tropical areas around the world. When a coconut is still young it contains large quantities of water, when it matures the  water content is a lot less. Believe it or not but each part of a coconut can be used. The water on the inside is drinkable, the white of the coconut can be eaten, used as flavoring and in medicine, the outer part of the coconut can be used as charcoal. More uses can be seen in the infoGraphic at the bottom of the page.

Here are a few health benefits of coconut:

  • It is very delicious! This truly is a benefit.
  • Contains lots of vitamins, minerals and amino acids
  • Contains antioxidants
  • Strengthens teeth and bones
  • Improves brain function
  • Increases your energy levels
  • May kill bacteria, fungi and viruses in the body
  • Coconut can keep you fuller for longer.
  • Improves your heart
  • Coconut is great when used as a beauty product, as coconut oil improves your skin and hair.

How can we then say ‘no’ to coconut? To give the benefits of coconut an extra boost, combine it with Ozone Therapy. Ozone therapy will help your body absorb all the vitamins and minerals present in coconut. It will also help improve your overall health by strengthening your immune system, improving your heart, fighting impurities in the body and improving your brain function.

How will you use coconut in your daily life?

Plant of life - An infographic on various coconut uses

EditorThe plant of life – various uses for coconut

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