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10 Ginger benefits

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Ginger has been around since the dawn of time. As ginger has many healing properties most cultures embrace this root as a general cooking and flavoring ingredient.

The Chinese have been using ginger for medicinal use for over 2000 years. It is believed to have magical properties and that this small root can heal most ailments. The main attributes of ginger is to increase the metabolic rate, help cure nausea and to boost energy circulation in the body.

Ginger is an amazing benefit and will help with mild symptoms. When symptoms persist it is better to take further steps in getting better. Ozone saunas are known for improving heart function, digestion, prevent cancer, enhance your vitamin and mineral absorption and to boost the immune system to name a few.

The infographic below highlights more health benefits of ginger. We all should incorporate ginger into our lives and that does not mean eating a box of ginger snaps¬† though… Ginger is best taken in its simplest form, for example pickled ginger with your sushi, ginger infused tea, organic ginger beer (with low amount of sugar) and when making a veggie juice add a bit of ginger.

How will you incorporate ginger into your life?

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10 ginger benefits

Louise Pyper10 Ginger benefits

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