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10 tips for better sleep


The importance of sleep has been recognized as one of the three most important factors of healthy living.

Exercise and good nutrition has always over shadowed other important aspects of healthy living. Finally, the spotlight has moved to sleep and the importance thereof. A lack of sleep has multiple side effects, these include; lack of concentration, short term memory loss, unstable mood shifts, lost of productivity, increased chance of accidents in the home, at work or on the road as well as your overall happiness. Serious sleeping disorders can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

A lack of sleep breaks down the immune system. This means that no longer are nutrients sent to your whole body but vitamins and minerals aresent to vital organs alone. During this ‘abandonment’ only those nutrients and vitamins needed by your vital organs are absorbed in the stomach and the rest discarded. These nutrients are then sent directly to those organs. Getting them there is no longer as you can say a “natural” process but a fast track one. Although your vital organs get what they need twice as fast they also have to work twice as hard. Have you ever noticed during the early morning rush when the alarm didn’t go off and you’re an hour late for work, normal things that you do every day always seems to go wrong? The same can be said for functions that are rushed in the body. You get out of the house but your shirt is the wrong way around and you still have a tissue where you nipped yourself with the razor.

Although your vital organs are supplied with their needed nutrition, that does not make the body ok. When the rest of your body is deprived of their nutrition symptoms start to arise and you become more irritable. Thus if you have trouble sleeping you should get to the source, maybe you are drinking too much caffeine during the day or you may not be eating the right food or a lack of exercise. If you suffer from a sleeping disorder or have trouble sleeping it might be a good idea to book yourself for an ozone therapy session. These sessions will enhance brain activity, blood circulation, nutrient absorption and your mood. The main benefit of ozone therapy is that it builds your immune system and your body will have the energy and power to fight back any disease or illness.

Which of these 10 tips will you use to enhance your sleep?

10 tips for better sleep

Louise Pyper10 tips for better sleep

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  • Dr Indira Sahajwalla - Sep 14, 2013

    sleep is very essential for healthy body. and soul.It is mainly cultivation of good habbit.Follow same schedule every day.Avoid electronic gadgets,Have regular exercise..Diet has to be moderated.No drinks.Don’t carry your worries to bed.Read some good book.Do prayers before going to bed.

  • Louise Pyper - Sep 14, 2013

    True… Each person should figure out what relaxes them and what helps for a better night’s sleep. But no one should ever accept unrestful sleep, we all deserve a good nights sleep.

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