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15 Things you didn’t know about the brain

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 When we talk about keeping fit the first things you think of is jogging, cycling and going to the gym, but do you ever think about your brain?

 Keeping your brain healthy is very important no matter what age you are. People who focus on keeping their brain fit, may decrease their chances of developing Dementia and Alzheimer disease. Your brain is your power station and if the power goes out everything becomes more of an effort and almost disabling. It is very important to exercise your brain regularly and giving it the right nutrients to thrive. Its a lot easier keeping your brain healthy than trying to get it working after the damage has been done.

In the olden days people used to keep their brains fit by solving Jig Saw Puzzles, filling in the crossword at the back of the Sunday newspaper or Lifestyle magazine. Currently we are very fortunate to have all information and tools at our finger tips. To keep your brain active you can download a brain training app from your App Store. These Apps usually have daily puzzles to solve which should not take too long to complete, making it easy to get in a quick training before a meeting, while taking a small break or even while having lunch. These training sessions will keep your brain fit and will also help improve memory and general brain functions.

You can also keep your brain fit by eating the right foods. Studies have shown that brain healthy diets will reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes, improves blood flow to the brain and lower cholesterol. Please remember that diets DO NOT work. You have to adopt a new lifestyle rather than going on a diet. This will help you maintain a healthy weight for longer. Food high in cholesterol and fat clogs the arteries and make the risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease higher.

To improve brain activity one can also go for Ozone therapy. Ozone therapy will enhance the benefits of your new healthy lifestyle. Ozone improves blood flow, memory, energy levels as well as decreasing your chances of developing Alzheimer’s. Click here to view our saunas and for more info please contact us here.

Will you keep your brain fit?

15 things you did'nt know about the brain

Louise Pyper15 Things you didn’t know about the brain

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  • Dr Mahesh Jain - Nov 9, 2013

    Difference in functioning of male and female brain suggests that if you ever get connected to a female who is not emotionally connected to you, she is bound to create hell in your life since she will see only her emotions and not the reason.

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