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Cape Talk Unfairly Condemning Ozone Therapy

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It has come under our attention that Cape Talk had a radio discussion on the 29th of October 2020 regarding a horrible experience a customer had at an ozone clinic in Hout Bay last month.

You can listen to or read the whole article here.

The product and outlet mentioned in the above article is not associated with Salvagente. But this still effects the general industry, Salvagente and its affiliates.

Since the initial article came out, they have edited it to show a more neutral stance. Even so the statements made by Dr. Harris Steinman and the journalist, are still irresponsible.

To paint ozone therapy as risky, unsafe and a scam by medical professionals are uncalled for. Especially when that same industry is the cause of thousands of deaths annually through medical malpractice.

Hundreds of thousands of successful ozone treatments have been performed without any side effects or dire consequences. In fact, thousands of testimonials exist pointing to the contrary. Various conditions have shown improvement when treated with ozone.

Equipment failure, in any industry, is regrettable and the client that suffered due to it, even more so. We wish her a speedy recovery.

As an industry we do not focus on the lapses of medical professionals or the shortcomings of offerings like chemo therapy & lack of solutions to viral outbreaks as we are experiencing during the COVID 19 pandemic. We provide alternative options, in some cases to compliment traditional western medicines.

The industry is striving to self regulate even though we do not have any regulatory oversight. It is however imperative that people performing ozone therapy are knowledgeable and have the proper training and information.

Consumers wanting to go for ozone therapy should also do their homework to make sure the outlet they plan on visiting has the correct equipment and know what they are doing. A good tip for consumers is to check if the therapists performing the sessions are asking the right questions. The customer in Cape Talk’s article mentioned that the therapist didn’t ask her any medical related questions, medical history or her reason for visiting.

It is very sad that this accident happened, but we should remember that this was exactly that, an accident. We have been in the industry for over a decade and have never heard of an incident like this or a customer having such a severe reaction to the ozone inside the sauna. That doesn’t mean it didn’t happen either, but condemning the whole industry in unfair and irresponsible.

In conclusion we disagree with the article and interview published on Cape Talk that ozone therapy is a scam and/or does not carry any benefits for consumers.

EditorCape Talk Unfairly Condemning Ozone Therapy

1 comment

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  • Vuyelwa Sikisi - November 2, 2020

    Ozone Therapy have helped a lot of my clients who have done it more than 10 sessions, they all have seen the benefits of ozone therapy, they are still doing it even today. There is no other therapy with so much benefits, nothing can be compared to it.

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