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End of Year Promotion for our Business Clients

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As 2018 is nearing it’s end, it is only the start for many a spa and ozone clinic.

This time of year is great to start something new, because when everybody else is winding down, a host of opportunities presents itself for those willing to take it on. To show our support and commitment to those seizing the moment, we will be providing additional marketing assistance to them.

New or expanding spa’s also benefit from increased clientele over the next few months, as summer in the southern hemisphere inspire people to enjoy life just a little bit more; whether it’s massages, facials or detoxing with ozone therapy.

Seeing as the masses will be looking for places to pamper themselves, we will make sure your spa or clinic has plenty of visibility within your area, with a targeted Facebook advertisement to 20 000 unique people within a 5-10km radius of your premises.

The ad will look like this, with your outlet name displayed and directions to your business with just a click of a button:

Salvagente outlet Facebook ad example video

So here’s the deal:
1. When you purchase a Standard or Deluxe Ozone Sauna Package, you will receive the additional Facebook marketing exposure at no additional cost.

2. Marketing exposure can be redeemed when you are ready [Say for example you are still building the additional room but want to make use of the promotion, you can still place your order and reserve the promotion for when the room is ready, even if that is only in 2019]

3. Terms and Conditions Apply. Promotion runs until 31 January 2019. Limited to the first 15 orders received and paid. No limits on orders. E & OE.

Place your order Now

If you are in the process of opening up or expanding your spa or clinic, you can take a look at our FREE  Beginners Guide to Starting or Expanding a Spa which we created in conjunction with the Spa Association of South Africa.

Any questions? Contact us to speak to one of our advisors.

AdminEnd of Year Promotion for our Business Clients

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  • doreen - November 12, 2018

    i need ozone treetment for extremeties arms legs ext like a sleeve i am a wound nurse doing a lot of diabetic ulcers do you have somthing

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