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Guide to Apples

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A fruit that grows on tress. That’s stating the obvious, but the reason why I mention it is that we often forget that what is good for us is provided by nature. Once we live of nature organically, and don’t pollute our bodies with artificial additives, colorants etc, we will have healthy lives.

The worst part is that after we do fill our bodies with toxins and preservatives, we use medicine created in laboratories to try and rectify the situation. Instead we should look towards nature for the solution, providing us with fresh water and clean air. But what if you are living in a city where fresh air is a luxury only experienced when you are away on holiday. The answer is an ozone sauna, which takes oxygen and creates ozone, an activated form of oxygen which kills bacteria and viruses. Ozone occurs naturally in nature, and within 20-40 minutes revert back to normal oxygen.

If you haven’t bought an ozone sauna yet, make sure you at least have an organic apple a day.

Guide to Apples

AdminGuide to Apples

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