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Nuts are a good source of energy, fiber and protein. Incorporating nuts into your diet will improve your overall health as well as help you stay fuller for longer, preventing you from over eating at mealtimes and snacking on crisps, sweets and chocolate. To get the most out of vitamins and minerals you can also combine a healthy diet with ozone therapy. Ozone therapy has numerous medical benefits, for example improving blood circulation, strengthening the immune system, breaking up fatty deposits, increasing oxygen levels in the blood and breaking up cholesterol to name a few.

Nuts are easy to snack on as they can be eaten on the go. Nuts are better when eaten raw. Salted or flavored nuts contain preservatives and can have a high salt content, which can in turn do more harm than good. It takes some time getting used to eating them raw.

Here are a few benefits of different types of nuts and how you can incorporate them into your diet.


  • High in Vitamin E – improves skin
  • Almonds are great in granola type cereals or can be snacked on its own

Brazil nuts

  • High in selenium – improves symptoms of an under active thyroid as well as improving the immune system.
  • Brazil nuts are perfect when eaten on their own


  • Rich in Iron and Zinc
  • Rich in magnesium – improves memory
  • Cashews are great in muesli, stir-fry and even on their own


  • Are low in fat
  • Source of Vitamin C and B6 – Improves immune system
  • Can be used in gluten free dishes and salads


  • Rich source of folate, which keeps homocysteine within normal levels
  • May help improve signs of heart disease and Parkinson’s
  • Stir-fry and salsa


  • Have a high fat content
  • Rich source in fiber, magnesium, calcium and potassium.
  • Macadamias are mostly used in food to add flavor and texture.


  • These heart friendly nuts are rich sources of Vitamin B3, which improves energy.
  • Antioxidant-rich, preventing plaque forming in the arteries.
  • Pecans are great on their own and can be used in numerous dishes ranging from meat dishes to cakes.


  • High in vitamin B6 – balancing hormones in the body
  • Rich in lutein and zeaxanthin – improves sight
  • Pistachios are great in salads, pies and even ice cream


  • High in anti-oxidants, fighting off cancer causing cells
  • A great source of mono-unsaturated fats (heart-friendly fats)
  • Rich in Omega 3
  • Walnuts are great in light spaghetti dishes and salads

Which nuts will fit best into your lifestyle?

In a nutshell

Louise PyperIn a nutshell

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