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InfoGraphic on the 40 Hour Workweek

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Work, a modern day necessity for most of us. The question might even arise that are we, the employed, the real slaves of a nations economy. Then we look at the hungry and the poor, the billionaires and jet setters, and we realize what monetary emancipation can do for a person. The true question comes then to the fore, how far are we willing to go to achieve that? How many hours will we work, what sacrifices will we make…

This infographic shows us that despite our increased efforts and longer hours, we are still worse of than decades ago, and it’s not just that we earn less money, our health is also taking a severe knock. Do you also feel burned out, stressed and ill from work? Maybe it’s time to reduce the long work hours and increase the family/meditation/exercise time. You can also go for massages, ozone therapy or acupuncture to relieve stress. Find out how the steam in an ozone sauna coupled with increasing the oxygen in your body can do wonders to alleviate depression.

How do you combat the effects of long hours of work?

InfoGraphic on the 40 Hour Workweek,

AdminInfoGraphic on the 40 Hour Workweek

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