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InfoGraphic on the Cost of Obesity

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Weight, the eternal struggle of mankind. Very few people does not have a weight problem of some sort, either because they are too skinny, or they want to shed an extra couple of kg’s. Many times these are unfounded and only a personal problem, but due to the lifestyle changes obesity has become a problem for individuals, companies and governments.

This info graphic shows what financial burden obesity causes and some prevention tactics. When you start a diet, the most important part is to detox first. Detoxifying the body helps opening up the channels to get rid of excess toxins and stored fat. The easiest and fastest non invasive way to kick start your detox is with an ozone sauna from Salvagente. The dual effects of steam therapy and oxidizing properties of ozone assists in loosening up the fatty acids and excreting it through the largest organ in the body, namely the skin.

It is still advisable to try and prevent obesity through balanced diets, regular exercise and reducing stress.

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InfoGraphic on the Cost of Obesity,

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