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InfoGraphic on the Paleo Diet

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Over the years there has been a great uptake in “older” ways of dealing with your health and wellness. Herbalists are more popular, yoga became mainstream, ozone steam sauna¬†therapy (view this page to find out more if you don’t know what it is) is practiced in greater numbers and now diets are changing to the same diet that was followed 10 000+ years ago.

Why is this change happening? Maybe because humans are looking at nature to provide the basic health that’s needed for everyday wellbeing, with conventional medicines to “help” out when needed.

Whatever the case might be, this info graphic shows how our ancestors diet has increased in popularity over the last few years.

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InfoGraphic on the Paleo Diet,

AdminInfoGraphic on the Paleo Diet

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  • Paleo Breakfast Recipe Ideas - October 23, 2013

    When it comes to following the Paleo Diet you will know the staggering
    amount of weight you have lost as well as how much your health has improved, however when it comes to breakfast people
    ask “What do you eat for breakfast?”

    This is because there does not seem to be many Paleo breakfast recipes
    when it comes to breakfast dishes especially because Paleo excludes grains & cereals.

    In fact I bet most Paleo eaters have breakfast dishes that
    include eggs which means that after 5 days of eating eggs in various forms it won’t be
    surprising to find that you may be getting slightly bored of continually eating these
    egg dishes….

    …and you will be desperately looking for a decent Paleo approved alternative in the form
    of Paleo friendly oats or suchlike.

    Well your wishes have been answered – here are some great ideas for eating
    a delicious, healthy Paleo breakfast here

    These Paleo diet recipes are not only easy to prepare, but provide you with a fantastic & healthy meal to
    start the day with.

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