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Map of World Happiness

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Happiness is a subjective emotion, because what makes one person happy might not make someone else happy. There are however a few general circumstances where it will affect your happiness regardless of race, country, gender and age, and probably the most important one is health. When you are physically and mentally healthy, you are in general also more happy. Is it a coincidence that many of the happiest countries also have the best clinics and hospitals? We cannot change all the “unhappy factors” like crime, poverty, education etc immediately, but we can improve our health and increase our happiness.

Why not try some preventative health measures which also helps to relieve stress the same time? Ozone therapy has many benefits and it includes killing micro organisms, viruses and bacteria in your body to assist in the healing process and even prevent degenerative diseases. When combined with an ozone cabinet you also get the therapeutic properties of heat/steam which helps you to relax. Here’s to better health and more happiness!

Map of World Happiness,

AdminMap of World Happiness

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