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Middle ear conditions

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Hearing is one of the most important sense one has. Without hearing you will not be able to enjoy music, listen to the radio or hear your child’s first words.

That is why people born with the ability to hear should take care to protect their ears from loud noises and infections.

Here are a few conditions of the middle ear:

  • Ear infection – can occur when germs or bacteria get into the ear canal. This may cause moderate to severe pain. Small children usually suffer from frequent ear infections.
  • Glue ear – is when a fluid-like substance is secreted in the middle ear when suffering a middle ear infection
  • Labyrinthitis – Is a type of middle ear infection. The symptoms are dizziness
  • Meniere’s Disease – is an ear condition where symptoms include vertigo and dizziness. Meniere’s Disease may lead to tinnitus and loss of hearing.
  • Middle Ear Infection – is an infection of the ear where infection occurs behind the ear drum.
  • Swimmer’s Ear – is an infection caused by water, usually while swimming in lakes or even swimming pools.
  • Tinnitus – is not a disease but a symptom of a fault within the hearing system. Symptoms usually include hearing constant ringing or noises.
  • Acoustic neuroma – a slow growing benign tumor which grows in the canal connecting the brain and the inner ear.

To improve your overall health you can opt for an Ozone Therapy session once or twice a week. Ozone Therapy will relieve signs of headache and migraines associated with ear infections, improve blood circulation in the body which may speed up recovery, remove toxins and impurities in the body and fight inflammation.

Will you be taking better care of your ears?

Middle ear condition

Louise PyperMiddle ear conditions

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