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Most common causes of death in SA


Salvagente, causes of death, According to the South African Survey released in early January 2012, South Africa’s biggest killer is tuberculosis. The Survey was published by the South African Institute of Race Relations.

The leading cause of death among African people is tuberculosis (TB), followed by influenza and pneumonia, and intestinal infectious diseases such as cholera. Coloured people also die predominantly from TB, but this is followed by diabetes and chronic lower respiratory diseases. This is according to data sourced from Statistics South Africa in November 2010 and analysed in the Survey.

Diabetes is the leading cause of death among Indian people, followed by ischaemic heart diseases, and other forms of heart disease. White people die predominantly from ischaemic heart diseases, followed by other forms of heart disease, and cerebrovascular diseases.

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Ms Lerato Moloi of the research department at the Institute said that when looking at the causes of death for each for each population group, it is important to note that socio-economic conditions play a significant role. ‘Heart disease is often linked to unhealthy lifestyles associated with middle and upper-class living standards, whereas intestinal infectious diseases, such as cholera, are linked to things such as contaminated drinking water typically associated with poor living standards.’

While HIV is among the top 10 leading causes of death for African people, this is not the case for coloured people, Indian people, or white people. Since TB is an opportunistic disease of HIV, this may explain why the TB mortality rate is so high among African people.

(SAIRR, Press release, January 2012) – Edited by Salvagente


What other causes of death do you think are high in SA?


AdminMost common causes of death in SA


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  • Alex Malovich - February 2, 2012

    the root of the problem is for sure poverty. Good post! Very helpful for my student essey.

  • Alya M - February 2, 2012

    I was sure that AIDS is the biggest threat. Well the government should take care of that.

  • Chris - February 3, 2012

    @Alya I think AIDS related deaths (meaning deaths caused by illnesses because HIV AIDS damaged the immune system) is very high, that’s why TB is so dangerous.

    But I would say crime related deaths must also be high, maybe deaths due to vehicle accidents also. Just imagine if we had a lot of natural disasters as well, SA’s population would decline dramatically.

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