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Showing our support for Cancer Month 2017

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Daily we hear stories of terminally ill patients, patients with life threatening diseases, but most concerning is the amount of cancer patients contacting us for help.

The trend is unmistakable, cancer is on the rise, and it’s not just the elderly! Just this week a relative of a 7 year old cancer victim phoned us.

We always take the proverbial moral high ground, feeling that because we offer cost effective, natural alternative methods of therapy (yes, people don’t like going for chemo anymore) that we are doing our part, helping society. And then you hear that because of the price of the equipment, that 7 year old might not be able to receive treatment. Eye opener!

Although we are a company and we need to be sustainable, we wanted to do a bit extra, and that is why we decided that we will reduce the price…

The Basic ozone sauna has the same quality ozone generator in as our top of the range professional saunas, ensuring that the treatment is as effective as it can be.

Although we are showing our support for cancer, anyone with ailments or diseases can make use of the discount, as we want to Preserve Life.

South African clients can place their orders online and redeem their “CANCER” voucher immediately, International clients can contact us for a quote indicating their discount in their own currency.

AdminShowing our support for Cancer Month 2017

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