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Tea Time InfoGraphic

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Like cat and dog lovers, society is split in half when it comes to the preferred hot beverage to consume, each side promoting the health benefits of their chosen drink.

In reality, whether you prefer coffee or tea, both have their benefits. The biggest thing is moderate consuming, as both drinks contain caffeine. Yes you can drink a cup or two more tea than coffee when measuring only caffeine intake, but we say each beverage has it’s own time.

It’s better to drink tea later at night than coffee, and coffee in the mornings to get that extra boost to wake up.

The infographic below goes into a little more detail about tea, and the benefits it provides. Although you won’t boost your immune system as much as with other therapies or burn 800 calories as when you are in steam cabinets, you will still receive benefits (beats drinking a coke).

Drinking tea (even iced) in stead of soft drinks, hot chocolate or other beverages will serve your overall health and wellness better.

Which type of tea do you prefer?

Tea Time InfoGraphic

AdminTea Time InfoGraphic

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