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The long term effects of fast food

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We all know that fast food is bad for us but still we can’t seem to resist the urge to buy it.

And every time we do, we have some type of excuse “I needed a quick fix” “ I was late” “It’s ok, I didn’t upsize my meal”. None of these excuses are valid reasons for eating fast food. We live in a advanced world and have numerous facilities available to buy wholesome, good and filling foods. Opt for healthier food choices when on the run.

Always have items with you to snack on throughout the day, for example: nuts, fruit, raw vegetables and protein shakes or bars (remember to check the label for harmful ingredients like trans fat, carbohydrates, calories and sugar content). By snacking on healthy items throughout the day you will stay fuller for longer and are the chances of making the wrong decisions and overindulging a lot less.

Here are a few shockers of what you might find in your average bag of fast food

Caramel colouring

  • Used in : Ice cream, soda, meat and sauce
  • Need to know: Caramel colouring is made up of sugar, sulphates and ammonia.
  • Can cause: Lung cancer, Liver cancer and Thyroid cancer
  • Also used in: Pet food

Yellow dyes

  • Used in: Cinnamon rolls, mustard sauces and some chicken dishes
  • Need to know: These dyes are used to colour sauces, pastry and meats to a bright and luscious yellow colour.
  • Can cause: Hyperactivity in children and has been linked to cancer
  • Also used in: Nail polish, soap en temporary tattoos

Sodium nitrate

  • Used in: Bacon, Ham, Hot dogs, Cheese burgers, Egg muffins, Egg cheese and bacon bagels
  • Need to know: Sodium nitrate is a preservative
  • Can cause: Colorectal cancer, heart disease and poor oxygen flow in the body
  • Also used in: Dyes and pesticides

MSG (Monosodium Glutamate)

  • Used in: Fried chicken
  • Need to know: MSG is used to enhance flavour
  • Can cause: Weakness, chest pain, headaches and nausea
  • Also used in: Fertilizer

Hair and Feathers

  • Used in: Most fast food pies
  • Need to know: Yes this is super gross but L-cysteine is an amino acid made up of human hair and duck feathers. This improves the texture of the dough.
  • Can cause: Not dangerous, just Super Gross!
  • Also used in: Hair perm solutions and cigarettes


  • Used in: Chilli and processed beef
  • Need to know: Sand, silica or silicon dioxide is used as and anti-caking agent in meat products.
  • Can cause: Not particularly dangerous but eating sand is not on my menu.
  • Also used in: Ceramics, glass, cement and mildew preventers.

Saw dust

  • Used in: Wraps, Oreo Mc Flurry, Nachos and chicken nuggets.
  • Need to know: Cellulose is a type of wood pulp and is used to make ice cream creamier and is an alternative to flour and oil.
  • Also used in: the making of paper


  • Used in: French fries and most fried food
  • Need to know: This type of silicone is added to deep friers to keep them from foaming making the oil last longer
  • Can cause: Silicone is not made to be ingested
  • Also used in: Silly putty, makeup, breast implants and industrial oil


  • Used in: Salads, bean dishes and sandwiches
  • Need to know: This is a chemical derived from petroleum (Yes, that is what you use to fill up your car with) which prevents fats and oils from oxidizing
  • Can cause: Tinnitus, vomitting and nausea especially in children
  • Also used in: Varnish, pesticides, butane lighters and lacquer

The most disturbing thing of all is that the above ingredients are not only present in fast food but also food that one can buy in the Supermarket. How many of us actually look at food labels before buying and actually understand them? Most of us only look at a select few things like calories, carbs, sugar, cholesterol and trans fats. We need to be more proactive when buying food for ourselves and our family.

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Will you still be eating your daily, weekly or monthly take away?

The long term effects of fast foodSource: Babble. com

Louise PyperThe long term effects of fast food

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