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This is not the first time we are taking a look at the detrimental effects of sitting for long hours. Although the data is for the US, many other countries have similar statistics and wherever you are sitting the effects still ring true.

Although some tips are given on how to combat the negative effects of sitting, more can be done:

– When your metabolism grinds to a halt, it’s important to have a nutritional balanced diet and not overload your body with sugar and fats.
– Visits to a massage parlor can help stimulate the nerves, especially in the back and legs.
– Ozone therapy (specifically in an ozone cabinet) can increase blood circulation and assist in breaking down excessive toxins and fatty acids.
– Having fun/sporting days at work can help to get the inactive people to participate in some physical activity without having to join external clubs.

Feel free to add other recommendations in the comments section below.

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