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More doctors trying to debunk ozone therapy

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Recently there has been an uptake from medical professionals, professors and healthcare bodies trying to discredit ozone therapy.

This can be due to a myriad of reasons, but we suspect it is a combination of ignorance, fear, and parties within the ozone industry spreading false information and misleading the public to benefit financially. We will briefly address all three and provide our inputs, but it is by no means an exhaustive list, and is intended only to inform the public on another perspective.

One such time was recently on the South African radio station RSG, with a Professor from Stellenbosch.

[Shortened audio clip of interview. In Afrikaans language]


Although the professor claims that he is “out of his depth” talking about ozone, he does take a definitive and very specific viewpoint about it. We feel this is unfair towards the public, as he is not speaking from an expert opinion about the matter. We do agree that evidence based / clinical trail methods the medical fraternity is used to is lacking in the industry, many stakeholders are working towards proving ozone to be beneficial in a tangible way.

We also believe that many medical professionals not embracing new technologies and alternative medicines are witnessing the increase of people opting for it and experiencing positive results, thereby feeling threatened by it. In our opinion it’s because people are choosing a more holistic approach to their overall wellness, limiting their reliance on pharmaceuticals.

We are open to working alongside medical professionals, and in fact inform many of our patients and clients to consult and notify their doctors when doing ozone therapy.

Lastly and arguably the most damaging, are the industry players themselves. There is definitely a slew of new entrants in the marketplace, many with very little experience dealing with ozone. Although this is normal in any industry, false statements and empty promises in a relatively new market can be damning, especially when working with people’s lives.
We urge the public to do thorough research on the products, services and companies they deal with in the ozone industry, and not take wild statements to be factual. Remember the old adage, when it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.
Dealing with a professional company that can assist and advise which (if any) ozone product(s) can be beneficial to your health is extremely important.

If you have any questions please contact us to discuss it further.

AdminMore doctors trying to debunk ozone therapy

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