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Ozone Therapy & COVID-19


UPDATES | 8 April 2020 | 14 April 2020 | 20 April 2020 | 30 April 2020 | 14 May 2020 | 8 July 2020 | LATEST SIOOT REPORT November 2020

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is one of the biggest global disasters in a very long time. Statistics currently show more than 87,000 deaths & more than 1,4 million confirmed cases.

Fake News

Fake news is everywhere. The South African government has put strict protocols in place to prevent the spread of fake news. We, at Salvagente, fully support this effort.

Fake News – Ozone Therapy

Certain organisations have made claims that ozone therapy is a cure for COVID-19. We condemn such irresponsible claims.

Salvagente has been a leader in the Ozone Industry for over 13 years. We believe in our products & ozone therapy. The full potential of ozone therapy is unknown. But to make unsubstantiated claims during a crises like this is unethical. Researchers and medical professionals worldwide are investing a lot of effort & resources into the research of ozone therapy as a treatment for COVID-19.

We will update this page when more evidence are available, either through our own research and/or from proven medical professionals or acclaimed sources.

Where is ozone?

As we all know, the atmosphere consists of 5 layers.

The ozone layer is located in the lower portion of the stratosphere, approximately 15-35 kilometers above the earth’s surface. The highest concentration of ozone is present within the ozone layer and reduces as you get closer to earth.

The ozone layer is most known for the fact that it protects us from the sun’s harmful rays. Did you know ozone is responsible for all life on earth? In the beginning, the ozone layer was located just above the earth’s surface. Life on earth was only possible under water. As the ozone layer moved from the surface into the stratosphere, animals and microorganisms were able to move from sea to land. This promoted land growth and colonization.

High amounts of ozone can be harmful to humans if inhaled, which can cause respiratory discomfort or damage. Concentrated ozone can kill micro organisms like, bacteria, viruses and molds. According to a Japanese study, the same can be said for a low concentration of ozone. If given enough exposure. Ozone has inhibited the overgrowth of microbes on earth.

You’ve most probably heard the theory that COVID-19 spreads slower in hotter areas. The theory is that the higher the ultraviolet rays the faster oxygen molecules dissociate. The world is waiting in anticipation to see how the virus will react as the seasons in the northern parts of the world changes from winter to spring. Natural ozone levels are higher in hotter, sunnier and humid areas.

What is ozone?

Ozone is a molecule that consists of an oxygen molecule (O2) and a singlet oxygen atom (O1). An ozone molecule (O3) will attach itself to any pollutant or harmful micro-organism it comes in contact with. The ozone molecule will eliminate the toxin and convert back into a normal oxygen (O2) molecule.

For a more detailed description, check out our What is Ozone Therapy video below:

Ozone therapy as a treatment

As mentioned, we do not currently support the claims that ozone therapy is a cure for COVID-19. What we can share is what we know and what feedback we have gotten from customers & other health organisations.

Parts of Italy and China have officially approved the use of ozone therapy as a treatment for COVID-19. Ozone is not a cure, but seems to be aiding in the treatment of patients diagnosed with COVID-19 in Italy.

Ozone therapy in Italy

Amazing data is being captured in Italy as they can officially treat COVID-19 positive patients with major autohemo ozone therapy (O-MaHT). SIOOT (Scientific Society of Ozone Ozone Therapy) are quoted is saying the following on their website: “From the first report of one of the 17 hospitals where ozone therapy is being performed, according to the protocol of the SIOOT, 10 patients in serious or very serious conditions have had a rapid and decisive improvement.”

Please see below their official report:

Below is the official Italian Oxygen-Ozone Federation publication called; COVID-19, with the first patient in therapy with systemic oxygen-ozone start of the application of the protocol approved by “Sapienza” University of Rome:


Ozone therapy China

A Chinese company called BROAD Group, are currently discussing and researching the possibilities & capabilities of ozone for sanitation purposes. Ozone has shown to have disinfecting properties as it can kill most viruses and bacteria.

Research is being conducted on the effects ozone therapy has on COVID-19 patients in China.


We are very excited to see where the research for ozone therapy and the treatment of COVID-19 will go. We feel positive that huge leaps in the ozone industry will be made and our hope is for the worldwide recognition of the health benefits of Ozone Therapy. Other ozone applications like; transdermal, insufflations and cupping/bagging have not been tested out for the COVID-19, but should have similar albeit slower results.

Hopefully either of these countries will be able to give us hard facts in the near future.

Stay safe & stay home.



[ UPDATE ] 14 April 2020

We have some important new information to share with you all. In Skype interview on 9 April 2020, Dr. Mariano Franzini, president of SIOOT International, explained his findings regarding the treatment of COVID-19 with ozone therapy.

New report released

A second report on his experimentation with Ozone Therapy & COVID-19 was released on the 9th of April 2020. After 5 treatments (10 to 15 days), results showed improvements on 36 out of a total of 46 patients. The death rate decreased with treatment. (4 deaths – 46 patients total).


To view the full report, click here.

The 4 patients who passed away, only received 2 treatments. These individuals were already in a very critical state, which confirms the fact that ozone therapy provides best results and is most effective in patients who are at the early stages of illness. Treatment should start before the lungs are damaged.

Dr. Franzini’s and his research team had an “informal go ahead” for this trial with Oxygen-Ozone from the “Istituto sueriore di Sanità – ISS” (the leading technical-scientific body of the Italian National Health Service – Currently, 17 hospitals in Italy are testing this protocol. Assistance are being provided by Canadian and Cuban doctors located in Italy.

Ozone awareness

Dr. Franzini advocates a more widespread experimentation on COVID-19 patients. Ideally treatment will be done as a home therapy, administered by doctors to non-critical patients. This will make it easier for patients left to get better on their own in self isolation or quarantine. Treatment takes approx 10-15 days. The hope it that a wide spread treatment of patients with Oxygen-Ozone will have:

  • Added health benefits
  • Faster return to normal life (patients & the country)
  • Fewer hospitalizations
  • Fewer costs for the whole health system

He underlines the fact that currently, there is no known cure for COVID-19. The world is approaching this with a “wait and see” or “wait for a vaccine” approach. These are valid approaches. Dr Franzini points out that we should have a more proactive and “aggressive” approach. Oxygen-Ozone is a medical practice, not a medication and is available now.

Spreading the word

Dr. Franzini and his team are publicly sharing their findings on informal channels like Facebook and other social media networks. The aim is to reach a wider audience of medical professionals, scientific sectors and the general public. Hopefully by sharing their findings medical professionals around the world will join in the treatment of COVID-19 patients with oxygen-ozone.

Dr. Franzini says that more regions in Italy will start testing this protocol with ozone therapy after Easter. Veneto’s governor, Luca Zaia stated in an interview that he is waiting on the protocol to be approved by the Italian Medicines Agency (Aifa). Dr. Franzini stated that the “informal go ahead” was a “Solidarity” trial. The trail was approved on 10 April 2020 by the AIFA and is a OMS global trial, but excludes ozone therapy in the trail and its being experimented on in solidarity.

For more visit the links below –

Original letter from ISS

Below is the first letter received from the ISS, who said more experimentation was needed and that it should get the authorization from AIFA. Ozone, in Italy, is approved and supported by other centers specializing in the treatment of viral pneumonia. The first informal go-ahead was given to a hospital in Milano, where the first trails were conducted. Direct responsibility will be taken by the doctor performing the treatment. All patients must formally consent to the treatment and must understand that it is not a proven treatment.

View this letter online, click here.

Facts and figures

New study published on their Journal: “Oxygen-ozone immunoceutical therapy in COVID-19 outbreak: facts and figures”

View this document online, by clicking here.


Please note that the methods described above are Major Autohemo Ozone Therapy. This treatment requires a medical professional to administer. It’s an invasive method and shouldn’t just be tried at home alone without the proper guidance and qualifications.

Alternative & less invasive methods of ozone therapy are available. Ozone absorption may be less and will require more treatments. These methods include rectal, vaginal or ear insufflation as well as trans-dermal ozone therapy one can easily do with an ozone sauna in the comfort of your own home.

To reiterate, we recommend using this as a preventative treatment.


[ UPDATE ] 20 April 2020

We are happy to announce more good news from Italy regarding the effects of ozone therapy and COVID-19.

The latest update posted on SIOOT’s Facebook page was regarding an article from about the first COVID-19 patient successfully treated with Major Autohemo Ozone Therapy.

Good news

The patient in question was treated at Policlínica Nuestra Señora del Rosario Hospital in Ibiza. The hospital received authorization to use ozone therapy for COVID-19 patients on 4 April 2020. Doctors reported that the patient had been in the ICU for days and was scheduled to be intubated soon. Before intubation, they treated the patient once with Major Autohemo Ozone Therapy. His condition improved almost immediately. Intubation was no longer necessary. The patient received a further 6 treatments and has since been discharged from the hospital.

More good news

Over the past week more information was shared by multiple organizations and healthcare professionals.

Dr Franzini underlines the importance of ozone therapy in the following instances:


  • Treating healthcare workers dealing with COVID-19 patients
  • The elderly, especially those in residential care facilities and nursing homes


  • All ambulances, hospitals and contaminated spaces

Early treatment

  • As soon as the first symptoms appear

An autopsy on COVID-19 patients showed that the majority suffered from thrombotic episodes (deep vain thrombosis/ pulmonary embolism commonly known as blood clots). Major Autohemo Ozone Therapy could greatly help fight this virus, as it has the ability to aid blood flow and aid anti-inflammatory.

Claudio Pedrazzini successfully treated with Oxygen-Ozone

Reports show that Claudio Pedrazzini, an Italian politician in Lombardy has been cured from COVID-19 with ozone therapy.

Being diagnosed was of great concern as Mr. Pedrazzini already had an underlying heart disorder. Pedrazzini was never admitted to hospital but received ozone treatments at home from Dr. Franzini.

In various interviews, the politician says that the trials with ozone therapy are now being carried out in multiple hospitals in Italy. He hopes this treatment will become available in more and more hospitals.

European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences

The study “Potential mechanisms by which the oxygen ozone therapy could contribute to the treatment against the coronavirus COVID-19” was accepted by the “European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences” (a peer-reviewed medical journal. It is indexed and abstracted in Current Contents, Excerpta Medica, Index Medicus, MEDLINE/PubMed, Science Citation Index, and Scopus).

Click here to view the European Review Medical and Pharmacological Sciences

Additional findings

In another interview, doctors explained that ozone therapy should be used in conjunction with current treatment methods, medicines (abx, heparin, etc) and not alone or as a substitute.

Furthermore he said that if one uses oxygen-ozone therapy, the recovery time is approx 5-7 days as opposed to the 10-15 without it. This statement is a bit different from what Dr. Franzini has previously said. Treatment methods, time frames, etc are ever changing, so it is normal for information to change as time goes by.

Dr. Franzini said in this interview, that the treatment is most effective in the early stages. Furthermore he points out that their SIOOT protocol covers every stadium of the illness. Treatment has had positive results for both intubated patients as well as those before, avoiding intubation all together.

Below are slides they shared explaining the mechanism of O2-O3 with COVID-19

Slide 1

Slide 2

Slide 3

Slide 4

Slide 5

Slide 6

Slide 7

The number of hospitals in Italy treating patients with Oxygen-Ozone therapy has increased to 18 in total. Patients are treated with both Autohemo Ozone Therapy and rectal insufflation.

Dr Franzini also asks – as “food for thought” – if the low mortality in Germany could be linked to the fact that there are over 20,000 practitioners of the oxygen-ozone therapy (most of which are General Practitioners).

[ UPDATE ] 30 April 2020

And so we have reached the end of another month. The worldwide numbers are currently standing at:

  • 3,209,984 confirmed cases
  • 985,957 recoveries
  • 228,057 deaths

South Africa has also experienced an increase of cases. On 1 April 2020, the confirmed cases stood at 1380. Today the total confirmed cases are 5,350. That is an increase of 3,970 new cases in one month. The death toll in South Africa is currently 103.

Getting ready for stage 4

I think we’re all a bit excited about stage 4 lockdown starting tomorrow, 1 May 2020. Even if most of us will still be working/ staying at home, downgrading to stage 4 feels like progress and in a way, like a small victory.

We are getting there South Africa. BUT, we have to remember that there is still a long road ahead of us and we have to work together to beat this thing. Wear protective gear when you’re out in public, wash you hands & sanitize regularly and remove shoes before entering your house. It is advisable to shower straight away when arriving home. Make sure to put contaminated clothes into the wash bin for washing later. Keep a safe distance between yourself and co-workers, loved ones and strangers.

Ozone Therapy in the news

For those who have been following this blog so far, knows the positive effects Major Autohemo Ozone Therapy has had on hospitalized patients in Italy. The latest document released by SIOOT was on 24 April 2020. See below image or click here to view on their website.


We apologise that the above info is still in Italian. As soon as the official English translated docs are released we will post them here.

For the most part the numbers and information on the document above has stayed the same as previous documents except for the sentence underneath the table;

” N.B. Il dato immediatamente rilevabile è che l’Ossigeno Ozono Terapia SIOOT è indicata principalmente in pazienti in fase 1 e 2 e comunque prima dell’intubazione. Questi dati lasciano presumere che se l’intervento fosse fatto a domicilio avrebbe un successo ancora maggiore dell’attuale.”

The above translates to: “It’s recommended for patients in the first two stages of the infection, and that the data suggest that if the treatment was to be administered as a home treatment the results would be even more impressive.”

As a short (under correction) translation, the first blue block is ‘Patients treated’ of which underneath it consists of intubated and non-intubated patients. The next blue block says ‘5 days treatment -1 O-Math Daily’. Underneath the following in order each with their amounts:

  1. Extubated patients
  2. Intubated patients currently
  3. Non-intubated patients with non-invasive oxygen ozone therapy
  4. Dead intubated patients for bacterial over infection and septic shock.

The green block, ‘Healed patients with two negative swabs’.

Ozone news in other countries

As the above information indicates, we can expect better and better news to come out of Italy regarding the treatment of COVID-19 patients with Major Autohemo Ozone Therapy. Our hope is that more governments realize the health benefits and progress these Italian Doctors have made and implement some sort of oxygen-ozone therapy for their infected as well as a preventative measure for their citizens.

Unfortunately, this gets hindered by the Fake News being spread around the world. From miracle creams to go to powders the internet is filled with irrelevant and damaging fake news.

We encourage everyone to not share information before checking with a reputable health organization or institute. Yes, information will continue to change. Even though this virus might act like other viruses, the full extent of its properties and mutations are still to be discovered.

Due to the mass injection of fake news around the world, America has now delayed medical institutions in Texas to treat patients with oxygen-ozone therapy. You can view this post here.

We, here at Salvagente, strive to provide our readers and clients with the most factual information regarding ozone therapy. We urge everyone to not spread fake news or rumors and to double check all content before posting on social media.

All the best & stay safe! xx


[ UPDATE ] 14 May 2020

COVID-19 is still wreaking havoc in our world and doesn’t seem to have any plans of slowing down soon. Worldwide we are currently on 4,34 million confirmed cases, 1,5 million recoveries and a heart wrenching 297,000 deaths.

Since our last update on 30 April 2020, 2 weeks ago, South Africa’s cases have increased with 6,724 new COVID-19 cases. Our recoveries stand at 4,745 and our deaths at 219. Our condolences to the families who have lost a loved one.

Ozone submitted for medical review

For those that have been following this blog Dr. Franzini and team have officially submitted their findings to the European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences. We hope that this will confirm the positive effect ozone therapy has had in Italy’s hospitals and that more countries will look at adding it to their treatment plans.

You can view this document below:

SIOOT new test results

The following document are steps 3 and 4 of the clinical trials performed on the 73 patients as per the last report. This delves deeper into the various readings performed on patients. As indicated, all readings show a positive change when treatments started early enough.
The conclusion still remains that early treatment with ozone therapy has beneficial effects when treating COVID 19 positive patients.

[ UPDATE ] 8 July 2020

COVID-19 has become the new normal to most of us. Wearing a mask & sanitizing our hands has become second nature. Unfortunately, the numbers of COVID cases in South Africa has sky rocketed. We are currently standing at over 206,000 confirmed cases and over 3,310 deaths. Our condolences go out to all those who have lost a loved one.

[ LATEST REPORTS ] New reports from Italy

On a more positive note, we have received more reports for Italy regarding the treatment of COVID-19 patients with Major Autohemo Ozone Therapy.
Report 5 – 15 may 2020 (1 Page)


Report 6 – 18 June 2020 (5 Pages)

Report 7 – 23 June 2020 (1 Page)


Report 8 – November 2020 (1 Page)

For more research, click on the image below to download our News Update with testimonials & posted research:

The findings in the above reports are a silver lining in this uncertain times.

Stay safe xx


Please feel free to contact us, should you have any questions:

Salvagente | +27 (0)72 422 1967 | [email protected]

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  • stef - April 10, 2020

    there s an update from the doctors in begramo hospital about that trial and now people on that study is 46 and results are getting better and better.

    i hope you can get a good translation, he is saying that the results are so good that this therapy could be started much before the deterioration and hospitalization at home and the infection might be easily blocked at very early stages

  • Admin - April 11, 2020

    Hi Stef,

    Yes thank you, we will provide an update with translated highlights from that interview shortly.

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    The Salvagente Team.

  • Gregory Dixon - April 25, 2020

    Hello and thank you for this very valuable reporting.
    Do you have the translation of the referenced interview.
    The sooner it can be ‘broadcast’ the more probable Ozone therapy for Covid 19 will be initiated in the rest of Europe,and the rest of the world.
    Thank you
    Gregory Dixon. San Francisco, Ca.

  • Admin - April 27, 2020

    Good day Gregory,

    Thank you for your comment.

    Please note the above are the translated summaries and highlights of the original interviews and articles. We have taken the liberty to compile it in English for easier consumption and to spread it to a larger audience.

    Please keep an eye on this page for further updates.


    The Salvagente Team.

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