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Many times people think ozone therapy is a miracle cure, and because we work with so many sick clients, we sometimes have to experience the sadness of losing some of those people due to illnesses. At Salvagente we don’t claim to heal any disease with our products, but we do try and in most cases succeed with providing our clients with a better quality of life, even eliminating pain in some cases.

We recently had the misfortune where we could do nothing for a client, no matter how hard we tried. It saddens us that these things happen, and we wish we could have reached the client sooner.

We will continue to improve our service and standards, and we appreciate the comments of our clients’ sister about the things we did try and the effort we put in, although we wanted to do so much more…

“Thank you for your support and help during this time. 

What you did was of tremendous help and support and even though my brother was not able to use the machine, it gave him and me great comfort just having that support that you gave us.

May God bless you and may your business prosper.”

– Name omitted due to the sensitive nature of this matter.

Louise PyperTestimonial on our service

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