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[Testimonial] Benefits of Ozone Therapy in Cancer

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It is very satisfying to hear how our clients are benefiting from ozone therapy. Hoping to improve many more lives.

“I am a weekly user of the Ozone Sauna. I had a Laparascopic prostatectomy in Jan 2013. Started with the Ozone Therapy before the op, and in hindsight should probably just have continued, as the pathology of the removed prostate showed a prostate with the left lobe clean of cancer, and what was left on the right lobe on a (lower) Gleason 6 reading. The biopsy in August 2012 showed a Gleason 7 (3+4).

So everything seems to be going very well. I visit a clinic in Lyttleton once a week for a 30-minute Ozone Sauna at 42 degrees Celsius and ozone setting 8. My blood tests (post -op PSA reading) have come up close to zero since the op. So I am hoping for a cancer-free balance of my life.”

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Louise Pyper[Testimonial] Benefits of Ozone Therapy in Cancer

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