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Salvagente’s Ozone Steam Saunas featured in the Leaders in Wellness magazine


Over the last few years Oxygen and Ozone Therapy has become more popular and it is finally starting to get the credit it deserves.

Salvagente has come a long way since the opening in 2007. In this 4 page feature we discuss how and where we started, what our name actually means and what we stand for. Our affiliated outlets were also featured in their own section “Where can you go for Ozone Therapy?”.

In the one page advert we focus on our Ozone Steam Sauna with Oxygen concentrator. Introducing an Ozone Sauna into the office or home can drastically improve your health and ensure a rise in productivity and energy.

View our Ozone saunas

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EditorSalvagente’s Ozone Steam Saunas featured in the Leaders in Wellness magazine

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  • Marieta Viljoen - October 20, 2016

    Greetings to the wellness team,
    I have purchased a sauna tent and ozone generator. I plan to put up a business and help people get well. I need information on how to treat different illnesses ext. Any information that I need will be appreciated.
    Thank you sincerely,
    Marieta Viljoen

  • admin - October 20, 2016

    Dear Marieta,

    Someone from our advisory team will be in contact shortly to assist.


    The Salvagente Team.

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