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24 Things you didn’t know about beer

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We have all at one point in our lives tried steering clear of drinking beer as we all dread the awful “Beer-Belly”. But what if I tell you that beer may be healthier than you think?

Beer is typically made of water, barley, hops and yeast. These ingredients may not look like much, a regular beer can have up to 153 calories per 350 ml serving. An average male should consume about 2500 calories daily and an average woman about 2000 calories daily. As we are bombarded with Fast-Food, processed food and an overload of sugar we reach our maximum intake of calories per day quite quickly.

To live a healthier lifestyle, eat less sugar, “Ready-made-meals” and opt for more Organic options. Rather make meals from scratch than buying them ready-made. When living healthier and calculating your calories as the day progresses your are more likely able to indulge in your favorite things and not even feel guilty. This unfortunately does not count when you are trying to loose weight, but when you have reached your goal weight you can start indulging within your calorie allowance.

Beer can improve your health in more than one way. Having a beer or any other type of alcoholic beverage in the evening always seems to round off a day, no matter how good or bad. Here are a few health benefits you didn’t know about beer:

  • Improve bone strength; high levels of silicon are present in beer. Silicon improves bone health.
  • Strengthen your heart; as a beer a day can help with “good” cholesterol keeping the arteries from getting clogged
  • Prevent kidney stones in men; as beer has a high water content and the hops in beer prevents calcium loss in bones which may lead to kidney stones.
  • Help prevent Alzheimer disease; studies have shown that moderate drinkers are 20% less likely to get Alzheimer than non-drinkers.
  • Reduce risk of cancer; due to high levels of antioxidants present in beer as well as wine.
  • Improve vitamin levels; Beer contains high dosages of B6, B12 and folic acids
  • May prevent stroke; beer helps prevent clots in the blood from forming
  • May help reduce risk of Diabetes, alcohol increases sensitivity of insulin in the body.
  • May lower blood pressure; studies have shown that moderate beer drinkers are less likely to suffer from high blood pressure than those drinking Spirits or Wine

No one could ever have thought that beer could actually be as good for you. To get the most benefits out of your daily beer you need to focus on the rest of your diet as well. Getting enough exercise is also important. To enhance vitamin and mineral absorption you can also go for ozone therapy. Ozone therapy will not only benefit absorption but also cleanse and detox the body of any left over debris and toxins. Assisting your body in rebuilding its barriers to prevent major diseases as well as those yearly occurring aches, pains and runny noses. Click here to see our ozone sauna.

What else didn’t you know about beer?

24 things you didn't know about beer

Louise Pyper24 Things you didn’t know about beer

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