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Happy-workers vs Sad-workers

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The amount of people who are unhappy on a daily basis has grown considerable over the past few years.

We all live in a fast paced world rushing from one thing to the next. We no longer have time for ourselves to do the things that we love, but rather focusing on keeping our heads above water. Being constantly unhappy can have severe results.

People who suffer from constant unhappiness may develop depression, anxiety, tension headaches, migraines, bronchial asthma and irritable bowl syndrome to name a few. As you fall deeper into unhappiness these symptoms may become more severe and even permanent. Migraines, tension headaches, asthma and IBS symptoms can weigh quite heavily on your quality of live. As their symptoms can strike at any moment and sometimes without any warning, you become more anxious when going to work, family outings or to a dinner with friends. This result in you worrying about when the next episode will be rather than what you should be doing.

We as humans are all the same. If we don’t enjoy something we will stop doing it. You would rather stay home than go out and enjoy the things you used to, just for incase an episode may strike. Your home becomes your hide away as well as your safety net. If you feel a bit queasy in the morning your first thought is “its coming!” and you quickly phone your boss to take the day of. As time passes friends, family and employers gets fed up with your excuses and constant bailing. They stop understanding and this place even more pressure on you, making your symptoms even worse resulting in you becoming more unhappy.

The brain is a very funny thing, if you say the same things enough, it believes it. We all have our “ups and downs” in life and most of us suffer the effects thereafter. Always remember that a healthy outside starts on the inside. There is no shame in being unhappy, but do not let it beat you! Talk about the things that make you feel sad, be open and objective to what others might say and try your best in solving the issue. If you are unhappy in your work situation address which ever issues there might be or start your journey on finding the right job for you. You should do the same in your private life. Nothing is worth being constantly unhappy about.

If however you are not sure why you feel unhappy you can start by taking a look at your lifestyle. Low dopamine levels, unbalanced hormones, eating- and sleeping disorders and a general unhealthy lifestyle may cause unhappiness resulting in depression. You should eat at least 5 fruits and vegetables per day and cut out any high sugar, high carb foods like milk chocolate, soda, cakes, crisps, fast-food, bread and pastry. Going for Ozone therapy will also improve your overall happiness as Ozone therapy enhances the uptake of vitamins in the body, balances hormones, relieves stress, helps combat irritability, strengthens the immune system and increases oxygen levels in the blood. If your are suffering from the effects of prolonged depression and anxiety Ozone therapy will help you get rid  of the aftermaths so you can get back to a normal, happy and fulfilled life.

Will you be the Sad worker? Or the Happy worker?


Louise PyperHappy-workers vs Sad-workers

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