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How toxic are your cosmetics?

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We all have our own, tried and tested, beauty routine. To get to a point where you have it all ‘figured out’ you had to spend a pretty penny. Unfortunately for some, this blog may throw out their whole routine.

Chemicals, toxins and preservative aren’t new to a 21st century individual. Harmful additives have been present in food and home products since the early 30’s. Have you ever wondered why so many people born after 1925 have died or suffered from cancer? Well this is the main reason. Back then, harmful substances were added to almost anything and there were few rules against it. As time have passed the world has thankfully realized their huge mistake. Strong measures have been put in place when it comes to what actually goes into any product.

Even though you have companies like the FDA, harmful ingredients are still present in both food and home products. New harmful ingredients are found each and every day.

In the InfoGraphic below, you will see a long list of toxic ingredients present in beauty products. It is essential that you read all labels before purchasing a product. Know you beauty toxins as well as food toxins. In the end it is always best to opt for 100% natural products.

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EditorHow toxic are your cosmetics?

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