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Red or White? What is the better wine choice?

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Red wine, as a health improver, has been studied for many years. Findings have been, that drinking appropriate amounts of red wine can actually promote a longer life span, reduce development of heart disease and in some cases even help prevent cancer.

Even though none of the above has been proven medically, we do know consuming appropriate amounts of wine can’t be bad for you. We all have our own idea of an “appropriate” amount of wine. Some will say 1 glass, others might say a bottle. So what is an appropriate amount? When it comes to wine you can consume 1 glass, between 175ml and 250ml, per day. Men can consume double the amount than women.

The health benefits of drinking appropriate amounts of wine are:

  • Reduced chances of developing depression
  • Aid in preventing colon cancer
  • Improves vitality – red wine contains high amounts of antioxidants which helps reduce signs of aging.
  • Helps prevent breast cancer
  • Helps prevent dementia
  • Aid in preventing deterioration of eye sight
  • Improving lung function and helps prevent lung cancer
  • Preventing liver disease
  • Preventing prostate cancer

Take a look at the InfoGraphic below for more health benefits of wine.

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EditorRed or White? What is the better wine choice?

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