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The truth about ADHD

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ADHD is a very touchy subject to most parents as none of us would like our child to be diagnosed with something that can’t be cured and that might disable your child from doing certain things.

Lets face it, some children are more of a handful than others. That does not necessarily mean that they have ADHD. There is a fine line between active children and children suffering from ADHD. If you are worried that your child might be suffering from ADHD it is important to first monitor their actions and figure out if they are doing things consciously or involuntarily. When a child does something involuntary that might indicate a bigger problem.

If your child has six or more of these symptoms there is a chance they might have ADHD:

  • Easily distracted and miss details
  • Jumps from one task to another without really finishing anything
  • Have difficulty focussing on one thing
  • Has difficulty when learning something new
  • Has difficulty when doing homework and rarely hands assignments in on time
  • Daydream quite often
  • Gets confused quite easily
  • Does not seem to listen when spoken to
  • Struggles when having to follow instructions
  • Can’t sit still when seated (squirms and fidgets)
  • Runs around, touching and playing with anything and everything in sight
  • Talks nonstop
  • Constantly in motion
  • Struggles when having to do quiet tasks
  • Be very impatient
  • May say inappropriate things without thinking or control
  • Have difficulty waiting their turn in games
  • Often interrupt conversations or other activities

It is very difficult to diagnose ADHD as these symptoms might only be the personality of your child and need there be no worry. I personally think that parents should start to worry when a child’s life is negatively affected. When they are failing subjects at school or if the are unable to make friends. If you have a active child you should enjoy them as they will soon leave the nest for better and greater things in adulthood.

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Is your child active or suffering from ADHD?

The truth about ADHD

Louise PyperThe truth about ADHD

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