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The truth about sugar

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We’ve all heard how bad processed food is for your health. But what exactly is processed food? Well, processed food is any food that was made or prepared for you in a factory or similar surroundings. So processed food is not only cold meat, soda, snacks like potato chips, candy bars and sweets. It is also, salad dressing, any type of sauce, canned goods, pasta sauce, cereal, cheese, bread even dried fruit and nuts. Basically everything that is not in its “pure” or natural form.

Our daily diet consists of 70-90% processed food. Not only does processed food contain large quantities of sugar it is also high in sodium (salt), saturated fat and carbs. All these ingredients are bad for your health. Below is an infographic on the effects of too much sugar in your diet.

It is best to reduce the amount of processed food you consume daily, by eliminating unnecessary things like soda, candy bars, chips, fast food and pastries. Opt for healthier options and where possible rather make food, sauces and snacks from scratch. That way you can control the amount of sugar, fat and salt that goes in to it.

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The truth about sugar

EditorThe truth about sugar

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