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Who should NOT receive Ozone Treatment?

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Who should NOT receive Ozone Treatment?

The popularity of Ozone Therapy is growing world wide. Ozone therapy is non-invasive and has no documented long- or short term side effects. Ozone should be introduced in moderate but monitored quantities into the body so that the singlet oxygen molecule (O1) can freely circulate and attack all invaders.

It is the treatment of choice for a wide variety of diseases and is one of the safest medical (albeit alternative) therapies ever devised! The important thing to remember is that all therapists report good results, when correct concentrations and volumes are used. Ozone is not a drug and should not be considered as such. It’s oxygen!

In our decade of experience Ozone Therapy is safe for more than 80% of the population. There are however a group of people who should not go for Ozone Therapy. Please note on the list below. When in doubt always consult with your GP before starting a new therapy.

Who should not receive Ozone Treatment?

  • Active alcoholics – Alcohol increases heart rate, so does the sauna.
  • Recent heart attack and stroke patients – To be safer it is best to wait 3 months before doing Ozone therapy.
  • Someone with active bleeding from any site – Do not treat, Ozone thins out blood which will increase bleeding.
  • Pregnant women – Heat increases the heart rate, having sauna therapy increases a mother’s heart rate, thereby increasing the baby’s heart rate.
  • People who suffer from active hyperthyroidism – People with an over active thyroid are already running a risk – avoid heat at all costs.
  • Platelet disorder patients (Haemophiliac) – Ozone thins out blood, to be safe do not treat a Haemophiliac.
  • Someone with Thrombosis – Thrombosis also known as blood clots. Ozone thins out the blood and could dislodge a clot allowing it to move to the brain and cause a stroke or to the heart to cause a heart attack.

When you go for Ozone Therapy sessions at a spa or clinic, it is important to be honest. Make sure to disclose any concerns or illness you might have to the therapist. This will make it easier for them to choose the correct treatments.

Because Ozone Therapy combines 2 therapies in 1 it is important to note that not everyone can undergo sweat/heat therapy. If at any point you feel uncomfortably hot, notify the therapist and they will reduce the heat. Remember, it’s not really the heat in the sauna that is important, but the OZONE! Heat is an added benefit to those who can take it. Otherwise it is not important.

From Ozone Therapy you will detox by urinating toxins out of your body. Sweating allows more toxins to leave the body via the skin, however it is not important. For your first session, it is best to start out at between 30℃-37℃, depending on your own comfort. Only those who are in good health should be allowed temperatures over 37℃ and more. Ozone start to disintegrate at 40℃ and accelerates this process with higher temperatures.

It is very important to drink a lot of alkaline water – to combat the acidity of the toxins/acid in the body. For more on the Do’s and Don’t of Ozone Therapy, click here.

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Louise PyperWho should NOT receive Ozone Treatment?

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