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The Do’s and Don’ts of Ozone Therapy



The Do's and Don'ts of Ozone Therapy

We get asked this a lot, in various forms:

  • Dangers of ozone therapy,
  • Ozone therapy side effects,
  • Can anyone have ozone therapy,
  • How many times can one sit in the ozone sauna,
  • Are there dangers to ozone therapy or the ozone sauna,
  • Should I drink water or take additional minerals, the list goes on.

These are valid questions when investing in your health. We experience for the most part these questions arise from negative (and mostly unfounded) articles or extracts found on the internet and elsewhere where it’s taken out of context.

When diligence is taken to ensure the right equipment and procedures are followed the outcome of ozone therapy treatment is tremendous.

HOWEVER, there are isolated instances where ozone therapy is a complete NO GO!

We have a free ebook addressing these and other concerns.

Do's and Don't's of ozone therapy

Download our free whitepaper.

EditorThe Do’s and Don’ts of Ozone Therapy

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  • pairojch - August 10, 2016

    danger vs benefits.

  • admin - August 15, 2016

    Dear Pairojch,

    We have sent you some information regarding the Do’s and Don’t’s of Ozone Therapy.

    Regarding dangers vs benefits, the benefits far outweigh any possible dangers. There are no recorded side effects of ozone therapy when used correctly and you can view some of the benefits here:

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  • Veronica - July 19, 2017

    what are the do’s and don’t’s of Ozone therapy

  • Admin - July 21, 2017

    Hi Veronica,

    We have sent you the Do’s and Don’t’s of ozone therapy.

    You can also just submit the form above to access it.

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