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How to use cinnamon sticks

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There are more than a dozen species of “cinnamon trees”. The cinnamon is extracted from the inner bark of these trees and are used world wide in sweet as well as savory dishes.

There is nothing more wonderful than the smell of cinnamon in the air while baking. Cinnamon was first used by the Phoenicians 100 BC and was first recorded in English history in the 17th century AD. Today, cinnamon is widely known and is used by top chefs for the most wonderful of dishes

Cinnamon will benefit your health in the following ways:

  • Lower bad cholesterol
  • Lowers blood sugar levels of people suffering from Type II Diabetes
  • Has anti fungal properties which can help cure candida
  • Help fight cancer
  • Has an anti-clotting effect in blood
  • Mixed cinnamon and honey has proven to alleviate arthritis pains
  • Cinnamon is an natural food preservative
  • Smelling cinnamon will enhance brain activity as well as improve signs of memory loss
  • Cinnamon helps eliminate headaches or mild migraines
  • Cinnamon can stabilize blood sugar which can be great for weight loss.

Cinnamon is a must have in any cupboard and can not only be used in food but you can also add a bit to your daily cup of tea or even coffee. It not only gives your house or office a great smell but will also enhance your general well being. Eating cinnamon sweets, tarts or high carb foods is not what I am talking about, as most things, cinnamon is best taken in it’s rawest form. Stir you tea or coffee with your cinnamon stick and replace your sugar with honey. You can also sprinkle ground cinnamon over your breakfast cereal. Whichever way you might like, but always use in it’s rawest form to get the maximum benefits.

If you are suffering from severe signs of cholesterol, diabetes, fungal infections, cancer, blood clotting, arthritis, memory loss, headaches or even if you would like to loose a few pounds you can go for ozone therapy. This type of therapy will enhance your overall health and strengthen both body and mind. Living a healthy and active life will prolong your youth.

How will you incorporate cinnamon into your life?

How to use cinnamon sticks

Louise PyperHow to use cinnamon sticks

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