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Stress and your health

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We have all had our fair share of stress, especially when entering the ‘real’ world. Stress is a very tricky and sometimes overlooked illness.

In the world we live in today we are consumed by a fast paced, live-or-die type of mentality. We live in a constant rush to nowhere and everything had to be done yesterday. Very few people these days actually admit to having an issue with stress. We all just keep moving like little worker bees until we finally come to a point where we crash and can’t seem to get up again.

This is unacceptable, as we also live in a world where we are educated about these things. The other day I was waiting in the queue at the pharmacy and there were literally 6 signs/ advertisements about the dangers of stress and what you should do to better your situation. My fellow queue members were all texting, replying on emails or on the phone trying to pull the last deal through or sorting out supply issues. Not one of these individuals saw the signs, and they most probably will never.

We need to STOP and evaluate our situations. You should be able to know when to work and when to stop to smell the roses. Give yourself a break every now and then, spend quality time with friends and family. Try doing something you like before going to bed like reading a book, watching TV or even listening to your favourite record. By ending the day on a tranquil note and will drastically improve your sleep which will reduce your stress levels.

Ozone Therapy can also help you rid your body of stress and the scars it leaves behind. Ozone can reduce stress by combating irritability, exhaustion, nervousness and mood swings. Ozone will also help strengthen the immune system and increase the oxygen levels in your blood. Other benefits of Ozone Therapy include improved brain function, kills viruses & bacteria, reduced muscle aches and pains, reduce migraines & headaches and rids the body of toxins and impurities.

Is Ozone Therapy the therapy for you?

Stress and your health

Louise PyperStress and your health

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