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These will make you think twice about smoking


Anti tobacco art showing the real outcome of smoking:

Dead bodies, diseased lungs and a man on a ventilator were among the graphic images for revamped tobacco labels unveiled by US health officials.

Proposed in November under a law that put the multibillion-dollar tobacco industry under the control of the Food and Drug Administration, the new labels must be on cigarette packages and in advertisements starting in October 2012.

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What is your opinion about the display of such art/signs on cigarette boxes?


[Hover over the pictures to get a description of it]









AdminThese will make you think twice about smoking

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  • Graham - June 23, 2011

    These artworks are incredibly effective. There is no way tobacco companies would display these – their sales would drop dramatically!

  • Chris - June 23, 2011

    I will be waiting in anticipation to see if they meet the “October 2012” deadline, but I am also skeptical that they would agree to something like this.

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