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How water ends up in your sink

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Something we have taken for granted over decades is water.

We are so fortunate to be able to open a tap and we have instant, clean and disease free water. Did you know that over 345 million people in the world do not have access to clean water. 3,4 million of those people die each year due to water related diseases.

The main water issue lies within developing countries for example Africa. Due to the lack of sanitation underground streams are polluted by human fecal matter and this may ultimately cause death. Thus women or children have to walk five, ten or even twenty kilometers each day to get to a clean water source.

When last did you worry about getting water for boiling some veg or drinking a nice cold glass of water? We never do! In some countries they have water in their taps that is only suitable for cooking, drinking water is bought in shops. We are lucky to be able to decide on which water we prefer. Might I go for some fresh spring water from Switzerland, add some bubbles to the occasion with a glass of sparkling water or even add my favourite hint of fruit extract.

It is very important to keep an eye when buying water in bottles. Did you know that when a water bottle label says “Reverse Osmosis” that the water is in fact almost dead. There are no nutrients or minerals in this water and you are getting no nutritional benefits. Always look out for the mineral and nutritional content on the labels and do your homework before buying. You can also have a look at our Ozone Water Dispensing Systems. This systems makes use of Ozone being pumped into Reverse Osmosis water. This system is best when used in conjunction with a mineral pack which puts back all the minerals that were lost during Reverse Osmosis. The benefits of this Water Dispensing System are that it eliminates harmful and unwanted contaminants in water, low cost and effective and will replenish your body with vital minerals.

Something to shock you… More people have their own mobile phone than their own toilet. How fortunate are you?

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How water ends up in your sink

EditorHow water ends up in your sink

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