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A cup full of tea facts

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I personally love doing blogs about tea. There are more types and tastes of teas than there are types and tastes of coffee.

As I have written quite a few blogs about tea, this one will be a bit different and will it be facts only. No iffy story on what I think or what others thing only hard core facts! Enjoy!

A bit of history:

  •  Tea was first made in China over 5000 years ago
  • The first book that was written about tea was written by Lu Yu in 800 A.D
  • Jesuit Father Jasper de Cruz from Portugal brought tea over to Europe in 1560
  • The idea of teabags came from the Americans in the 1800s. Today 96% of all cups of tea are made  by using teabags.
  • Tea breaks have been a tradition in England for over 200 years
  • For 300 years in the UK they held an auction called The London Tea Auction, where tea was sold by bidding by the candle. This meant that they could bid on lots of tea until an inch of the candle had burnt away.

Best of teas:

  • All teas are derived from just one plant, Camellia sinensis. The variety of the tea depends on how the leaves are treated.
  • The champagne of tea is grown in Darjeeling in India. 400 tons of Darjeeling labeled tea is sold in the world each year but only 100 tons are actually from Darjeeling
  • The worlds most expensive tea is an Oolong tea and is called Tieguanyin and its leaves cost up to $3000 per kilo.
  • Yin Zhen or Silver needle tea is the most expensive white tea. It comes from China and it gets its name from the leaves used to make the tea. These leaves are harvested when the leaves are still young and unfurled. These leaves look like needles.

Some extra fun facts:

  • Tea contains half the amount of caffeine found in coffee
  • To get the optimal benefits, one should drink 4 cups of tea per day
  • Tea can help prevent cardiovascular diseases and even cancer
  • 98% op people in the UK drink their tea with milk but only 30% take sugar
  • Most of the worlds tea comes from India
  • The most famous quote about tea is that of Joan Cusack “Can I get you anything? Coffee? Tea? Me?”
  • Tea leaves are a natural mosquito repellent.
  • Tea is a natural antioxidant and is rich in vitamins containing Vitamin B1, B2 and B6.

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Which tea will you be drinking today?

A cupful of tea fact

Louise PyperA cup full of tea facts

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